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“Forbes” recently announced the 2016 US celebrity fortune list, NBA star, now Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan to 12 billion US dollars in net assets ranked fourth. Second only to Oprah, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. According to reports, Michael Jordan’s assets mainly from the Jordan brand. It is reported that the brand in 2016, the growth rate is great. In the Nike’s, Jordan brand shoes and sports equipment with annual sales reached 2.8 billion US dollars. Nike is expected to 2020, Jordan brand annual revenue will grow 61%, and reached 4.5 billion US dollars. In addition, the final trial earlier this month, the Chinese Supreme People’s Court ruled that the Chinese “Michael Jordan” brand because of the controversial trademark registration damage to Michael Jordan “Jordan” to enjoy the right of the previous name, cheap nike air jordan brands,violation of trademark law, should be revoked . QIAODAN, qiaodan and brand LOGO to retain. In this regard, representatives of Jordan said the company will not have an impact on the company’s main business. “China Jordan” indictment “United States Jordan”. This is the April 9 Beijing time in the absence of NBA games, the Chinese fans can receive the most explosive news, and in fact, “the United States Jordan” sued “China Jordan” lawsuit has not yet been hearing – That is the last thing in February, because the “United States Jordan” turned out, a direct result of the “China Jordan” IPO failed to complete the final process, but also to Jordan Sports listing plan indefinitely postponed for the time being aside The legal aspects of who is right or wrong, who is true who is false, who wins and who loses the argument, China’s Michael Jordan sports counterclaim basketball Emperor Michael – Jordan has long been a civil “Li Kui sued Li Kui,” the joke, Which is precisely the entire Chinese business circle has been the cottage problem. Indeed, this is a strong imitation of Chinese folk cottage capabilities. Of course, this is purely by the name of the apple made knockoffs, those who play the edge of the ball game brand is everywhere, like that year, a sports brand in the founding of the beginning, the direct use of the famous American car brand “Buick “As their name, then slowly abandoned, to use other names. And now we often see in the NBA live in the Chinese brand “Adi King” is to make people ridiculous, it is learned that so far, their product lines are not yet mature … … As for those who have “Kobe”, “Iverson “Is to go the old way of Jordan, Jordan sports go farther, but more mature.
Go far is not just the sports brand, a number of domestic auto brands completely lost the ability of self-innovation, in addition to transplanting the appearance of European and American cars for a variety of grafting, even the trademark of the car is simply a cottage face – The owner of a car directly to the main card of the Infiniti car logo transformation, and its deputy card and many more people mistakenly think that the car Bentley – also have a pair of wings, but the middle of the letter with “R” instead of “B”!