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Although Michael – Jordan last time in the NBA have to be traced back more than 12 years ago, but “trapeze” fame never slipped, to his name Air Jordan series shoes sales are still hot. It is reported that the current Air Jordan series of shoes sales are creating a record, more than ever in the past, which makes Jordan very surprised.
“I can not explain all this, no one can explain the reasons for this,” Jordan said, “If someone can explain or someone can replicate,cheap jordan shoes, then they have done that.” At present, cheap jordan shoes,a pair of 1985’s first generation Air Jordan In the eBay (famous auction network) on the price is 7,500 US dollars, this does not include shipping, we can see how hot this series of shoes. Jordan also said that the most moving is that he did not see a lot of his playing the children are now wearing Air Jordan. “Too crazy,” Jordan said, “For me, the brand’s influence is even greater than my own, the brand retained in the world than I (live in the world) of the time longer, the brand Jordan and Nike’s cooperation began in 1984, Nike Jordan Air Jordan created a sub-brand, Nike this initiative a great success last year, the brand sales of up to 4.2 billion US dollars, accounting for the United States Basketball shoe market share of 58%. Jordan will soon participate in China’s Air Jordan listed 30 years of celebration, and he will travel to China to play with the Chinese team. In the “Forbes” published in the world sports annual revenue list, James annual business income (play wages not included) is $ 44 million, NBA active players in the first, this is the embodiment of James commercial value. However, day outside, Jordan annual business income of up to 100 million US dollars. In fact, as early as 2012, when Jordan’s annual business income of 75.5 million US dollars, and 3 years ago, “trapeze” to easily make money in the end burst James. Jordan’s second part of the business income from his investment, Jordan’s business areas related to the team, catering, health care products and games and other aspects, he was Hornet boss, the creation of seven restaurants, also has a car dealership. Jordan’s business investment is the biggest benefit is the cooperation with Nike, the two sides have joined forces in New York, Las Vegas and Chicago and other places to open 23 stores, those owner is playing “AirJordan”, will open the new store will be launched Jordan series products, this is a brand new.