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A full 20 years ago today (US time on March 18), Michael Jordan announced to the world to return to the basketball court, he used the way to send a fax. “It was a sign of that era,” Jordan agent David – Falk has recently accepted an ESPN interview. E-mail was an extravagant tool at the time, and the Internet is far less developed than it is today, let alone social media that receives messages in real-time. The fastest way to send information is to send a fax. Jordan announced the comeback, the rumors have long been rumored, because he had already followed the Bulls began training, plans to end up to 17 months of air jordans sale, Now the official announcement of the news, Jordan would like to find a better way. Falk said he had written several versions of the press release, but Jordan is not satisfied after reading. He did not like the feeling of the manuscript, “Falk said.” He said, ‘I’m coming.’ “Jordan took a piece of paper and wrote two words on it, perfectly expressing what he meant to say: I’m back.” Ellison Sadovsky is Falk’s media director, he remembers the morning bath out, although Saturday, but his telephone answering machine has seven messages, all the boss called, and each one urged him to hurry to Ellison 11:00 into the office, because the fax can only be sent out one by one, she spent a total of two hours to finish, “with the mass mail is now completely different. ”
Subsequently, the whole world began to this fax crazy. “Elegant, simple,” Falk said, “This is the classic Jordan to do.” Star Jordan “prosecution” Jordan Sports “case, will make a lot of industry associations think of another infringement case of sporting goods – Adidas Adidas sued King Adidas infringement began in May 2013 to reconcile the two sides, took nearly five years, and ultimately to the “King Adi” in the Chinese The brand and the triangle logo LOGO was transferred to the adidas free of charge.After that, the “Adi King” fade out of the public eye, only a chicken feathers. Sport brand 361 degrees, called Buick shoes in the early development, around 2003, Buick cars China, the two sides reconciliation, Buick footwear disappear, brave to do their own Bucket footwear brave turn, legendary in the Jinjiang business community prosecution background and context, I do not want to To say, an enterprise in the development of the beginning, if holding the psychological opportunistic, large-scale after the inevitable rash for the year to pay the price.