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Jordan was on the sidelines to see his alma mater North Carolina in the NCAA finals earlier this month was Villanova University lore scene, when Jordan’s despair is palpable, and after the game, the social network is once again Spread his famous “crying face” expression.This photo was taken in September 2009, the Hall of Fame inducted into the ceremony.Jordan selected in the Hall of Fame about his award-winning speech can not help but tears, and his “This is the first time I’ve seen an athlete cry for the first time in years, and that’s the real emotion,” he said of the classic moment. Yes, this feeling comes from Michael Jordan. ”
However, after that, this is full of true feelings of the photos are used in the spoof. cheap jordans,For a time, Jordan’s crying face was cut off by netizens, added to a variety of funny scenes, to express the feelings of the parties, such as the following: Previously, Charlotte and its predecessor Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA In the performance has always been poor, Jordan is often the boss of the team so fans spoof. And now, this wave of spoof of the line began to go from line to line. In the United States, New York, two designers to make a people can not help but move: this will face embroidered to a Air Jordan series of shoes. In this Air Jordan 8 “playoff” color, Jordan’s own face was added to the tongue, replacing the original “trapeze” logo; The color itself has been more fancy this pair of Air Jordan 8 with crying face after more compelling. Sneakers designer Andrew Weiss and Sherman Winfield said they started the design project in December, and now the new work has finally come out, they made a total of 125 pairs of “crying” color of the Air Jordan 8. But they also said they would not put the shoes on the market for sale, but will only put them into their own shoes collection; in addition, they also said that the spoof program is not used for the Air Jordan series Of the other shoes. Air Jordan 8 in 1993, officially listed. This pair of shoes to witness the completion of Jordan’s first three of his Pa Albert, as well as the finals averaged 41 points record. In 1993, after the final win, Jordan announced his first retirement, so Air Jordan 8 at the time was also considered to be wearing his last game shoes. In this context, in 1993, Nike Air Jordan 8 set a sales record at the time. Although the designer said it would not launch shoes, but after the things who know? In the “crying face” spread so high today, may see the opportunities of Jordan himself in the future will allow their spoof pictures are placed on the shoes, in order to further increase sales bar.